Tools, information, and more to help manage your patients’
atopic dermatitis (AD)

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Patient Eczema Assessment

Complete this questionnaire with your patients to help dig deeper into their AD symptoms.

Video library

“The Science of Skin”

Help your patients better understand their condition by sharing this initiative that features influential and diverse voices from within the dermatology community.

“Under My Skin: Untold Stories of Life With Eczema”

Watch this powerful documentary that uncovers the extraordinary challenges faced by people living with eczema.

Photo library

Skin of Color AD Lookbook

AD is a complex disease that presents itself differently across different skin types. In patients of color, flare-ups can appear to look darker brown, purple, or ashen grey.1 See cases of this below to help you identify AD in patients with skin of color.


  1. Kaufman B, Alexis A. Eczema in skin of color: what you need to know. Published September 2022. Accessed January 17, 2024.​/blog/eczema-in-skin-of-color/